CIAG Vision

CIAG is looking  forward to leadership in information security and to be

a reference for building skills in the Arabic world.

CIAG Goals

1. Providing short and intensive courses covering the basics of information security and its specializations to be a start for participants interested in information security for determining their career or academic career on clear bases.

2. Highlighting the skills and tools that information security professionals need.

3. Review the status of information security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and those responsible of information security to inform participants about the most important challenges facing Saudi Arabia in the field of information security and the opportunities to solve them.

4. Introducing participants to the distinguished specialists in information security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries as well as Arabic countries.

5. Helping cooperation between Saudi universities through their involvement in organization and volunteerism.

6. Strengthening partnerships between private organizations and universities to reconcile academic and real-world theories.

CIAG Mission

CIAG seeks to make its activities meet the expectations of interested people in Arabic world.

CIAG goals seek to ​​contribute to achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 through:

1. since it is non profit group, it harnesses the concept of social responsibility for youth development and channeling their energies

2. balance the needs of the labor market with university outputs through continuous training.

3. encourage scientific research and innovation in advanced technologies in the field of information security by introducing participants to the latest scientific research and innovations in this field.

4. Investing in young people to enable them to have the right career opportunities in information security.

5. introduce participants to the most important challenges faced by Saudi Arabia in the field of information security to encourage them to lead in this vital field.

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